Birthday: 11/29/2011

Adoption (Gotcha) Date: 11/29/2018

Adopted From:  The Anti-Cruelty Society

Why Dr. Schnitker Chose Me:  I was one of the least-adoptable cats in the shelter at the time of my adoption! I have damaged eyes, and was really timid in the shelter. When Dr. Schnitker came with her family and asked to see the least adoptable cats, I worked my magic and stole her heart!

My Daily Job:  I oversee the treatment area every day to make sure the humans stay in line. I run Kuzza’s Corner on social media. And I patrol the grounds for intruders when the humans have gone home for the day.

Kuzza’s Eccentricities: I love human food! I’ll steal the meat right off of your sandwich and won’t even apologize. I also have discovered that I love beets, they are so tasty! My favorite thing is napping under blankets, and I have a special cubby set up that I commandeered just for me.