We Accept Pet Insurance in River North, IL

Pet insurance plans offer you a safety net if your pet becomes unexpectedly ill or injured. Emergency situations can run into the thousands of dollars, and many pet parents struggle to cover the costs. These plans can save you the hard decision of possibly having to deny your pet the care they need. While pet insurance plans do have a monthly premium and deductible, the costs of these are far less than what you would pay in the case of most emergencies. Plus, you can reduce the cost of your premium by enrolling your pet when they are young—and before they develop any conditions that would be considered “pre-existing.”


Pet and human insurance plans do have some similarities. Namely, you’ll pay a monthly premium, have a deductible to hit before coverage kicks in, and will have a specific policy that addresses what is and isn’t covered.

One big difference between the two, however, is that pet insurance companies do not pay your veterinarian directly. Therefore, it’ll be up to you to cover the costs of their care upfront, and then file a claim for your reimbursement.


At Companion Animal Hospital of River North, we accept most insurance plans, which gives you the option to choose the best plan for you and your pet. In your search, there are a few important points to consider including:

  • What kind of coverage you want. Many pet insurance plans cover emergencies and unexpected illnesses, while others cover preventive services, too. Do your research to determine the best fit for your pet’s health and your budget.
  • Determine what kind of reimbursement works best for you. Generally, there are two ways pet insurance companies reimburse you. Either they offer a percentage of the invoice for your pet’s care, or a schedule of allowances, which offers a set reimbursement amount for each year.
  • Be aware of what is and isn’t covered. Each insurance policy will have different stipulations for what is and isn’t covered. Make sure you fully understand what falls under your plan’s coverage, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Many plans do not cover pre-existing, hereditary, congenital, or conditions related to breeding.


Here is a comparison of two popular pet insurance companies and what they offer to help you begin your search:


  • Offers one simple plan that covers all unexpected illnesses and injuries
  • Plans feature a sliding payment scale, so you can choose your monthly payment based on the deductible, coverage, etc.
  • Reimburses at 90% (after the deductible is reached)


  • Offers multiple plans covering unexpected illnesses and injuries as well as wellness and preventive care
  • If you also have car and/or home insurance with Nationwide, you may be eligible for a multi-line discount
  • Different plans reimburse you at a different rate after your deductible is reached

Have questions about pet insurance? Please reach out to us at (312) 643-2901 for guidance!