Animal Rescues We Work With

As part of our dedication to the larger community and all the pets and people that share it, Companion Animal Hospital River North is working to partner with local rescues in Chicago and surrounding neighborhoods. Our aim is to provide essential healthcare services for cats and dogs in need and help them find loving forever homes. This includes wellness exams, deworming, parasite prevention, vaccinations, and routine spay and neuter surgeries.

We look forward to expanding our efforts in the years to come!

Adopt Your Next Pet from Alive Rescue

Alive Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue organization founded in 2008 that promotes sustainable living and caregiving throughout the Chicago area. During its first four years, Alive Rescue worked solely out of its foster homes. In 2013, it opened The Little Barn, an adoption center that helps more animals find owners.

Support the Anti-Cruelty Society

Founded in 1899, the Anti-Cruelty Society works to eliminate animal cruelty through its adoption, rescue, foster, and education programs. They are involved in discovering abuse situations, rehabilitating pets, and helping each one to find a loving home.