Creating Fear Free Visits For Your Pet

We believe that in order to offer the best veterinary medicine to River North and surrounding neighborhoods, we need to do so in an environment that feels safe and friendly for every pet. Therefore, several of our team members have undergone extensive training to become Fear Free Certified professionals. This enables us to reduce stress in our patients and build a stronger bond with the families we serve.


Being bundled into a carrier and taken away from their safe, cozy corner can be very stressful for your pet. To reduce their stress, there are several things you can do in the transport process to make vet visits easier. See our downloadable Fear Free Transport handouts to the right.


As part of our commitment to you, we apply Fear Free methods to make every vet visit as relaxing as possible for your pet. To accomplish this, we:

  • Pay attention to every pet’s stress levels and accommodate them in any way we can. If your pet doesn’t do well around other animals, we can bring them from the lobby and into an exam room right away.
  • Ask that you limit your pet’s food intake ahead of their appointment so we can keep them occupied with treats.
  • Advise owners on how best to transport their pets to our hospital with minimal struggle. This may include the use of pheromones, items from home, or calming medications.
  • Use lower voices in the exam room and avoid other loud noises and abrupt movements.
  • Examine pets wherever they feel most comfortable—whether that is in your lap, in their carrier or on the floor.
  • Use gentler handling techniques and use minimal restraint when possible.
  • Foregoing the use of intranasal vaccines, which can be very unpleasant for pets.

Ask us about our Fear Free stance by calling (312) 643-2901 to learn more! You can also visit