Dr. Feldmane

Dr. Liene Feldmane

Hello, new and existing pet parents at Companion Animal Hospital River North! I am so excited to meet you and your furry family members! Allow me to introduce myself so you know to whom you will be entrusting your pet’s health.

My name is Dr. Feldmane, and I’m originally from a small North European country called Latvia. My beginning is not much different from other veterinarians’ stories. We always had dogs and cats in my family, and even at a very young age, I couldn’t imagine doing any other profession.

My love for animals and the desire to help them in the best way possible led me abroad. I did my veterinary education at the University of Veterinary Medicine in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria. I had the opportunity to practice in different European countries during my studies, and after I graduated, I moved to Germany for a small animal internship at the University of Leipzig. But I couldn’t just stop in Europe. My dream to become as good a veterinarian as possible and my fascination for veterinary medicine and animals grew daily and brought me thousands of miles away from home to another continent to pursue postgraduate veterinary education at the University of Missouri. I am interested in all fields of veterinary medicine, but my main professional focus is on all types of surgery and neurology.

All of this has led me to start my new journey at Companion Animal Hospital River North. I’m so happy to be joining a team that is so supportive, compassionate, and cares for pets and their parents as if they are their own family members.

When I am not in the clinic, I really love to spend as much time as possible with my dogs. I have been doing dog shows and dog sports competitions since I was 14 years old and have traveled with my dogs all around Europe. If I’m not traveling somewhere, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I truly enjoy a long hike in the woods as much as a cozy dinner and movie night at home. A surprising fact about me, I can speak five languages – Latvian, Russian, German, English, and un peu French.