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We are pleased to confirm your pet’s reservation at our facility.

If your pet is current on preventative care requirements, you may schedule your pet for check-in any time during our intake hours. If you do not meet any of the preventative care requirements listed below, then we will be able to help you schedule an appointment with our veterinary team prior to the time of check-in to get them current on the requirements.

Preventative Care Requirements

  • Exam by staff veterinarian within one year
  • Fecal parasite tested negative within one year
  • Current vaccine status on rabies and distemper, as well as FeLV/FIV test
  • Application of acceptable flea prevention on a date within the effective range of the product

Plan at least 30 minutes for the initial intake process. If your pet is currently taking any medication or receiving subcutaneous fluids, please be sure to bring these prescriptions with you. Please arrange to have your pet’s complete medical record including current vaccination records if you are a new client sent over in advance of your reservation date. All patients that are not current on required vaccines or tests, are strongly recommended to have scheduled appointment two to three weeks prior to their reserved intake date. Failure to Make An Appointment may result in a long wait time at check-in.

Below is a list of additional information needed to ensure a successful check-in.

1. Information about your pet – Please read, print and complete this boarding form. Please send the completed form to us prior to your reservation date or bring it with you on the check-in day.

2. Boarding Requirements – For the health and safety of all our boarders, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet has all preventative care requirements addressed prior to the first day of your reservation. We reserve the right to refuse the intake of your pet to our facility if they are found to be deficient of any of our preventative care requirements, currently ill with a potentially contagious disease, dangerously aggressive or their admission is otherwise deemed to be an unacceptable threat to the health and safety of our other boarders, themselves or our staff at the time of check-in. If any preventative care requirements are to be performed during my pet's stay this will be done at my expense. If a required fecal screening is positive, necessitating treatment, I understand that appropriate medication will be prescribed and administered at my expense.

3. Food – We recommend that you bring your pet's regular food to minimize stress and reduce the chance of stomach upset. Please pre-portion in baggies and label. Bowls are provided. Please do not bring your own bowls unless medically required.

4. Personal Belongings – We provide bedding for your cat. If you choose to bring your own bedding or other personal items, please be aware that these items may become soiled, lost or damaged during the stay. Remember to take leashes, collars and harnesses with you when you leave. You can bring them back in at the time of pick-up. We are not responsible for any damaged or lost personal items.

5. Medications – Any pet that requires medication of any kind is considered a "medical boarder". This means there will be an additional daily charge to medicate your pet during their stay. All medications need to be in the original containers they were dispensed in with proper labeling. A separate charge will be assessed if any medication refills are needed while boarding.

Our veterinarians reserve the right to refuse to authorize the administration by our staff of any medication that is deemed to be unsafe including “unsourced” medications that were acquired by a means outside of our accepted distribution channels. This policy is designed to protect our patients, veterinarians, staff, and our reputation. These “unsourced” medications are at an increased risk for fraudulent or improper manufacturing. In addition, we also feel that there is an increased risk for adulteration, contamination or mishandling of the medication during distribution and storage which may render them no longer safe or effective. This is especially true when considering the use of injectable medications.

Our accepted sources for medications to be procured include the following places:

  • Prescribed and filled by any Companion Animal Hospital
  • Filled through Vet's First Choice, Wedgewood, Road Runner, Diamondback, Pet Apothecary, Chewy, Drs. Foster & Smith and 1-800-Pet-Meds
  • Filled through any "human" pharmacy such as: Walgreen's, CVS, Costco, Jewel-Osco.
  • Prescribed and filled by another Veterinary Hospital outside of the Companion group

6. Pick-up Times – A pick-up time is to be arranged at time of check-in

  • I agree, that either I, or an authorized agent of mine will promptly pick-up my pet and pay for all accrued charges at the agreed upon date and time.
  • Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of this time if you will need to change your pick-up time.
    • If the new pick-up time requested is an extension of more than two days beyond the original date of pick-up, I agree to pay over the phone at that time for all related expenses up to the current date
    • If I fail to comply with these pick-up guidelines and do not provide adequate advance notice as described above than additional fees may apply.
    • I further agree that if I do not comply with these pick-up guidelines and/or am unable to be reached, the pet will be considered abandoned after 5 business days after their pick-up time. We may handle this abandonment in the best interests of the pet and/or the hospital in accordance with the local laws and I will still be responsible for all related fees.

7. Payment – Payment must be made in full for the entire boarding stay and any additional services provided at the time of pick-up. Pre-payments, when due, will be taken at the time of check-in. Boarding stays over 10 days and holiday pick-up times (if available), require a pre-payment. Boarders may be subject to additional fees on the holidays listed below:

  • New Year's Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas



Does your pet take any medications (prescribed or over-the-counter)?*

I agree that there are inherent risks and potential complications, such as illness or
injury, in sending my pet to any facility where groups of pets are allowed to
intermingle. I have been encouraged to discuss any concerns I have about those
risks and have had all of my questions and concerns addressed to my satisfaction. I
further agree to accept these risks because they are outweighed by the benefits of
this arrangement.

Emergency Care Plan

In the event that my pet becomes ill or injured during the stay, I understand that every effort will be made to contact me at the emergency contact numbers provided. However, if I am unable to be reached prior to the time when the performance of the necessary care is deemed to be required by the attending veterinarian, the hospital's staff has my permission to provide such medical care for my pet up to the following amount*

I certify that:

  • I am the legal owner or authorized representative of the pet listed below.
  • To my knowledge, my pet has not bit a person, been bitten by another animal or exposed to any illness within the past thirty years.
  • I have disclosed all known risks, dangers and medical conditions associated with my pet to the best of my knowledge

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s stay, please do not
hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to taking care of your beloved pet!

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