6 Tips for Socializing Your Puppy During Quarantine in River North

It’s virtually impossible to stay inside all day when you have a puppy.  And if you want them to grow up right, you shouldn’t! Despite how difficult socializing a puppy in River North might seem in this time of quarantine, it’s not impossible.

Here are some tips to ensure your fuzzy bundle of joy is properly socialized with the people – and other dogs – of the River North community.

1. Introduce Your Puppy to New Things – Gradually

To properly socialize your puppy in River North, you need to introduce new situations to them, and not the other way around. This process needs to be positive, safe, and confidence-building.

socialize a puppy in river north

The aim is to prevent any bad experiences, which can have a lasting effect on your puppy’s social development and confidence. Dropping them into a situation full of noises and people can be overwhelming and do more harm than good.

2. Let Your Puppy Explore Different Textures, Surfaces, and Sounds

Socializing a puppy isn’t just about bringing them face-to-face with other puppies. You should also expose them to new sounds, surfaces, and sights, which will go a long way towards providing enrichment. Let them put their paws on cool tiles, freshly cut grass, asphalt, tarp, different fabrics, and anything else you have on hand.

Encourage them to sit at the window and watch people (and their pets) pass by. Take your puppy for a ride around the neighborhood in your car! Let them listen to louder-than-normal sounds, so they can get used to them and be less fearful.

3. Set Up a Playdate for Your Puppy in River North

Have a friend, family member, or neighbor with a dog or puppy that you trust around your pet? Consider arranging a playdate. Naturally, this should be done with proper social distancing and other precautions to keep things safe.

puppy training in river north

If possible, stand on one side of a fence and let your puppy and the other dog sniff each other through it. Later, you and the other person can stand the proper distance apart and allow your pets to interact face-to-face without a barrier in between. Just make sure both pets are leashed!

4. Take Your Puppy Out for Daily Walks in River North

Be sure to take your puppy on walks as often as possible (while observing precautions). If you encounter a person who is healthy and asymptomatic, it should be safe for them to approach your puppy and even pet them.

Of course, if you have reservations about allowing someone to approach, you’re certainly under no obligation to do so. Do keep in mind that your pet’s coat can harbor the COVID-19 virus for a time, so be sure to wash your hands and avoid touching your face after petting them!

5. Take Advantage of Your Time at Home to Crate Train Your Puppy

There’s no better time to get your puppy accustomed to their crate. Puppies need structure, and crate training plays an important role in structuring their day and giving them a place to retreat to. While some people may balk at the idea of using a crate, crate training actually has a very positive effect on puppies and dogs when done properly.

socialize a puppy in quaratine

The crate is a perfect place for your pup to take a break and catch a snooze, or just have some alone time. Getting your pet used to their crate can also reduce the chance for separation anxiety.

When it comes time to return to your work office, your puppy will be able to handle their solitude with minimal stress. For practice, organize short feeding times in the crate and have your puppy go into their crate when you need to do chores.

6. Enroll in a Puppy Training Class

It’s still possible to work with a puppy trainer while in quarantine. Many professional trainers offer phone and online training sessions, with which they can provide valuable advice and answers to all your questions.

If you and your puppy have already completed some basic training classes, why not use the extra time you have at home to practice? This will strengthen the bond you have with your pet and give your puppy much-needed mental and physical enrichment.

Need More Pointers on Socializing Your Puppy in River North?

We’re here for you! Contact us if you have questions about socializing and/or training your puppy.

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