Stem Cell Therapy for Pets in River North, Chicago

Companion Animal Hospital River North offers a wide variety of healing treatments for pets, including stem cell therapy. Stem cells are cells that can be harvested from your pet's own tissues; most commonly, we harvest from adipose (fat) tissue. These cells are then processed to concentrate the stem cells. Once processed, your veterinarian can inject the stem cells into the affected area.

Stem cell therapy gives us the opportunity to harvest stem cells so they can grow into replacements for injured or diseased cells. Stem cells can also be banked for future needs and usage.

Two cats: Stem Cell Therapy in River North

How Can We Use Stem Cells?

At Companion Animal Hospital River North, we can use stem cells to:

  • Reverse arthritis in dogs and cats (FDA-approved)
  • Regenerate tendons, ligaments, and joint tissue (cartilage)
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Restore range of motion
  • Restore quality of life

For more information, ask our team! We love to discuss the advanced treatment options that we offer. More information is also available here.