Something For Everyone: Cat Boarding and Dog Daycare

At Companion Animal Hospital River North, there's no such thing as "cats or dogs?" We love your four-legged family members just the way they are! That's why we offer dogs and cats from the surrounding neighborhoods their own designated spaces to enjoy while their owners are away. Our hospital is equipped to provide cozy cat boarding accommodations in addition to a spacious dog daycare level where dogs of all ages can play (or rest) in good company.

We understand that you can't always be there to give your pet the attention they need. Therefore, we invite you to request a boarding or daycare reservation for your pet so they can enjoy one-on-one attention from our staff and the same level of care they receive at home.

Cat Boarding Amenities

Cats have been known to be finicky, but more importantly, they need a peaceful environment that eases uneasiness associated with unfamiliar places. Our cat boarding wing is located at our hospital's lower level, where it's much quieter and more secluded. We hope to keep this environment as low-stress as possible for our feline guests. 

Additional amenities offered include:

  • A comfortable, climate-controlled space
  • Cozy, spacious cat condos with soft-close hinges to prevent startling noises
  • Lots of care and attention from our staff members
  • Veterinarian supervision if needed
  • Clean, soft bedding and fresh water

Requirements to Board

We want to provide a boarding space that is safe and enjoyable for all of our guests. To board with us, your cat needs to be current on their parasite prevention, and up-to-date with their Rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

To schedule a boarding reservation for your cat, call today so we can guarantee you a spot.

Busy Week? Bring Your Pet to Dog Daycare

Do you think your dog could benefit from socialization and playtime with other dogs? Do you ever feel guilty about leaving them at home all day while you're at work? Your pet will enjoy plenty of activity and staff supervision at our dog daycare facility. Located on our bright and airy upper level, dogs can romp around and play, or enjoy some peace and quiet in our designated rest area.

Dogs are highly social animals and enjoy the company of others. Keeping them socialized improves their wellbeing and enables them to better understand how to interact with other animals and people. Furthermore, your pet can get much-needed exercise in a climate-controlled environment.

To learn more about our dog daycare program, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to answer your questions!

Dog Daycare in River North, IL