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Animal Emergency Care

Do you need animal emergency care? Do you think they're having an emergency but you're not entirely sure? Don't wait--call our hospital right away at (312) 643-2901! Even if your pet's condition turns out to be less serious than expected, we want to make sure that your pet is safe. At Companion Animal Hospital River North, we prioritize pet emergencies during our regular office hours. When your pet's health is at risk, every second counts.

Black dog: Animal Emergency Care in River North

Signs of an Emergency

Below are some of the most common indicators of an emergency:

  • Bite wounds
  • Blood in stool/vomit
  • Trouble breathing
  • Pale/white gums
  • Choking
  • Unable to walk or stand
  • Possible broken bones
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Heatstroke/elevated body temperature
  • Ingested something toxic or poisonous
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Irregular or rapid heartbeat
  • Seizures
  • Loss of consciousness

In Case of an After-Hours Emergency

If our hospital is closed, we recommend taking your pet to MedVet, a 24/7 emergency care center.

MedVet Chicago

Phone: (773) 281-7110
Fax: (773) 880-6083
3325 N. California Ave,
Chicago, IL 60618

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