On-Site Cat & Dog X-Ray in River North, Chicago

Companion Animal Hospital River North has the advantage of offering complete in-house lab testing and cat & dog x-ray to its patients. We take pride in our capabilities, which allow us to more quickly and accurately diagnose assorted health conditions and create a comprehensive health profile for your pet. Since basic physical exams reveal little beyond how your pet is doing on the outside, we rely on our laboratory and digital radiography tools to help us see what’s happening on the inside.

What We Can Do with Our In-House Laboratory

Depending on the case we’re treating, we have the option of running tests with our in-house lab equipment or sending out samples to be analyzed by specialists. Our main goal is to obtain the most thorough and accurate results possible so we can build a viable treatment plan for your pet. If your pet has a clean bill of health, we’ll provide recommendations to help them maintain it.

Some of the testing we offer at our hospital includes:

  • Blood chemistry
  • Glucose levels
  • Heartworm and tick-borne disease testing
  • Blood serum testing
  • Electrolytes

Additionally, your pet can also undergo testing for:

  • Thyroid levels
  • Intestinal parasites
  • UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • ...and more
Dog X-Ray in River North, IL

Examining Your Pet Internally with Digital Radiography

The best way to see what’s going on inside your pet is to actually see inside. With our digital X-ray machine, we can do just that and with greater speed and clarity. Your pet can spend less time being X-rayed and more time sitting with you while we interpret their images. Sedation is rarely necessary, and our team members will use their Fear Free training to keep your pet at ease.

Our X-ray equipment can help us diagnose:

  • Bone fractures
  • Bone and joint deformities (hip and elbow dysplasia, for example)
  • Arthritis
  • Foreign bodies in the intestine
  • Tumors
  • Bladder stones

Digital X-ray also gives us the benefit of utilizing telemedicine whenever necessary. This involves quickly emailing your pet’s images to radiology specialists for a second opinion to ensure that we’re making the most accurate diagnosis.

Whether your pet is healthy or ill, our diagnostic tools may play an important role in keeping them healthy or restoring their health. If your pet is due for an exam or showing signs of illness or injury, call us today at (312) 643-2901.