Nicole, Veterinary Assistant

I have always had a passion for animals for as long as I can remember. Ever since i was a child, to work with animals of all ranges was a dream come true. To help save them from harm, to heal them from illness, but most of all to be their voice – this is something I truly take pride in. Companion River North is a hospital that really takes the pets wellness serious and with lots of patience and care. We always go above and beyong when it comes to a pets health, which is an important factor in this field. The most rewarding aspects of this job is saving a life and sending home healthy pets to happy families. Oh, and you can’t leave out the furry KISSES! Seeing a pet’s eyes look at you with love and the kisses of “ thank you for helping me” is why I do what I do. Those moments and those memories is what makes coming to work worth it.

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