Alejandro, Lead Certified Veterinary Technician

I inherited my passion for animals from my grandfather. Visiting his cattle ranch in Guadalajara only made that love for animals grow even more. I initially started working with horses at a very young age. Brushing, riding and training horses was very rewarding. I was gifted a newborn filly (female baby horse) when I was about 12. Unfortunately, at the age of 4 months, she dislocated her stifle (knee). I was left with the decision of having to put her to rest due to a poor prognosis. Seeing the dedication the veterinarian had to aiding me and my injured pet inspired me to further pursue a career in the veterinary field.

I attended the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College and graduated in 2017 and earned my certification from the state of Illinois as a Certified Veterinary Technician. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my pets I own two rescue dogs, a Jack Russel terrier mix named Happy and a German Shepherd mix named Cinnamon. I also like to relax and take my horse Canela for a trail ride and care for her newborn filly Luna, as well as anticipating and waiting for her next foal to be born. I also like to sing and play the regional Mexican music on my accordion.

Working with animals gives me pride, purpose, and a rewarding feeling of being able to provide each owner and their pet with the individualized care they need. Whether they are coming in for routine wellness or due to their pet not feeling well. I enjoy assisting doctors in soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, and performing the diagnostics that they need to have a better vision to determine the best treatment for each patient. I enjoy working at Companion because the team shares the same principles of being able to provide pets with the best care in a comfortable environment.